D.I.Y.—Easy Pumpkin Treat Bag Card!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recently a Facebook friend asked for advice on creating a super simple Halloween themed card; and, I always love to give advice and help others when it comes to crafting so I decided to create a tutorial showing how one can make a cute yet easy card. What’s so great about this project is that you don’t need a ton of tools, stamps, or patterned paper. Very basic tools and paper were used for this project—but the end result was still super cute!

Here are some of the tools I used; however, if you don’t have these it’s no problem! The most important tools you’ll need are paper, scissors, pen, pencil, ruler,and glue. 

*The size paper I’m using is standard computer size paper (about 8 x 11”).

First, take the black paper and cut it in half. I cut it at 5 ½” on my paper trimmer (this gives me two standard A2 size card bases). Next I fold one piece in half and sketch out the bag handles like so:
Next, I cut out the handles and also rounded the bottom edges of the card. Once that was completed I used that card base to trace the bag image onto an orange piece of paper, then I lightly sketched an inner border at about ¼” an inch and I also lightly sketched the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin.  
Once that was done I cut out the pumpkin bag and also cut out the eyes and mouth using my Exacto knife. Next I used my black pen to draw some faux stitching and bag handle openings, and adhered it to the black card base. 
Lastly I cut out another blank orange bag to place on the inside of the card and I was finished! 

I hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you decide to make some share them with my on my facebook page! + special thanks to my little sister Melanie for letting me use her super cute pumpkin cake pops as props. If you live in the Los Angeles area feel free to stop by her blog and order some cupcakes or cakepops! Click here for her blog


  1. This is super cute!!!
    I need to get a new paper trimmer, because mine's seen about the last of its days.
    Thanks for the tutorial! I pinned it!
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. Love!! As always our collaborations are FAB! :)


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