Our Easter Brunch

Monday, April 1, 2013

I was so excited to have saved so much money on the Easter table setting this year. I bought this table cover, ornaments, and grassy bunnies from the dollar store. I couldn’t believe how many cute things they had there. I didn’t get to capture a picture of how the table looked when it was completely finished—I always do that, LOL. But you can get an idea of how it looked, with these two pictures I took. I love that we always have dishware that goes with everything; and, since I’m a blogger we always have mason jars and paper straws in my closet, hehe, so we used those too.
This year we had a really small Easter celebration, with a lovely brunch, egg dying, and mini Easter egg hunt. There is only one grandchild in our family. So, we go all out for our little one (my niece). The first thing she did was open her Easter basket and marvel all the things she got…and once she walked away I started dipping into her basket and taking what I wanted, haha. She dyed a set of eggs, and couldn't get enough of that. Once that was done we all ate brunch—made by my sister and mother. They prepared ham, eggs and potato cheese casserole, baked French toast, homemade blueberry compound butter, and they purchased some fruit and bread. It was SO delicious!

I think Easter caught me off guard this year—it came so fast and I couldn't believe it. Now that I've started a blog, and run a shop where I need to be aware of all the holidays it seems like the days go by so much faster. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Sometimes I wish things would just slow down a bit—but then again if they did slow down, I’d probably get bored. Well, I hope you had fun taking a little look at what our family did for Easter. Take care! 


  1. The table looks great! Gotta love the dollar store. It's awesome saving money while still looking fabulous for the holidays.
    The food looks scrumptious...Making my mouth water (I need to find some breakfast).
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I wonder if your niece noticed that you dipped into her Easter basket goodies? lol

  2. All that food is making me hungry! Love the paper lanterns and the cute little moss-covered bunnies!

  3. Looks Lovely!
    just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the envelope tutorial over at LF today!

  4. Oh I love your food!!
    The fruit looks so delicious!
    I haven´t eaten grapes since last summer!

    love Barbora♥♥


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