DIY—Wooden Bead Necklace with Ombre Hemp Twine

Friday, April 12, 2013

Today I have a really fun DIY project that’s super cute and o’ so affordable. I’m making a really cute Spring/Summer inspired necklace using some of the Lawn Fawn’s ombre trimmings. Their twine is, of course, made with great quality but the fact that it was created with an ombre effect means that it’s right on trend with todays’ fashions. Here’s how I did it:

-Lawn Fawn OmbreTrimmings
-Martha Stewart, Metallic Gold craft paint
-Michaels, Wooden Beads
-Washi tape (or any other low tack tape)
-Paint brush
Step 1: Pour a little bit of paint into a dish.
Step 2: Wrap some washi tape around the middle of the wooden beads.
Step 3: Apply paint, and add a second coat if needed.
Step 4: While the beads are drying, cut your twine to your desired length.
Step 5: Once the beads are dry, slide them onto your twine and tie a few knots on each end.
Finished! I added two knots to each side of the left and right beads—because I am by no means a jewelry maker and I plan on just tying my necklace around my neck when I’m going to wear it; and, the knots on each end will prevent the beads from falling off and rolling away when I'm removing it, haha. I think this necklace is so cute with all of its bright colors—this would definitely be something fun to do for a ladies crafternoon or even a bridal shower. Now, I’m thinking of trying these in more colors actually, and giving them away as gifts. I can even make handmade boxes to give them out in. Wouldn't that be cute? 


  1. Love it! That pretty ombre hemp twine is super, and I can picture all kinds of colors. The metallic addition to the wooden beads is lovely too. It's funny, because just the other day I was looking at hemp twine on Etsy. LOL

  2. So great! I definitely want to try this!


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