Button and String Envelope Tutorial, A2 Size

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today I have a really fun tutorial over at the Lawn Fawn blog! Click here for the full tutorial, and get started on making you very own Button and String envelopes. The Lawn Fawn paper worked perfectly for this project because of the fact that their paper is double sided and super high quality. On a side note: I know I post a lot about Lawn Fawn, and some of my readers have asked if I work for them, but the truth is I just really love this company! I love to support anything in the handmade community, as well as U.S. based companies. I love the fact that Lawn Fawn is helping our economy by using American based manufacturers to create her stamps, paper, trimmings, and dies. But I also love to support them because I truly love Kelly's work and designs! I basically just love to promote and support things I truly believe in. Keep up the great work, Kelly Marie! Thanks for allowing a fan of your work to be part of the Lawn Fawn community; and, for creating so many cute things for all of us crafters to be obsessed with.


  1. Your tutorial is great, Nicole!! Thanks for sharing that with all of us! I love seeing your projects on the Lawn Fawn blog! That is so exciting! :) I hope you had a great Easter!

  2. I agree with Elise. Keep it up!

  3. Great! I had no idea they were so easy to make!!

  4. Such a fun project! Love this!

  5. I like these envelopes, and we've never made this style before. Thanks for the tutorial!
    And, I must say, I think it's awesome the way you support Lawn Fawn. You introduced me to the Lawn Fawn products, and I know I will be ordering sometime before summer. All thanks to you!


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