Easter Table Decor Ideas

Friday, March 29, 2013

I can’t believe Easter is already here. I remember last year when I made a colorful last minute Easter cake for my blog (click here for that post), and when I think about how far I've come since then—it puts a smile on my face. I've gotten more readers, customers, and friends since then; and, that’s so exciting to me. Today I wanted to share a few super cute I ideas I had for your Easter party preparations—and I’m using my favorite stamps and paper, by Lawn Fawn, for the samples. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a whimsical feel to all the decorations on our Easter day dinner table; with paper treat pouches sitting on top of each place setting, a simple paper flag for the straws, and matching toppers for the dessert. Doesn't that sound cute? Well, I’ll show you how you can make the treat pouches and you can choose any stamps and paper to match your decor.
For the treat pouch: I took a piece of Lawn Fawn card stock (click here to view the collection), and I cut it down to 7.5” x 5”.
I than placed it onto my scoring board, and applied a score mark at 1/2”, and folded that over using my bone folder.
Next, apply some adhesive to the flap. 
Next, you can take one end of the card stock and fold it over to the flap with the adhesive, and adhere, making sure not to crease the rounded end.
 Once that has been done, you can apply some glue to the bottom of the treat pouch like so…
 …and close.
Fill with treats. 
Next, apply some more glue. Much like you did on the other end, and seal in the opposite direction.
 This is what you should end up with.
 Optional: Use serrated edge scissors to cut a decorative edge.
Here are the steps for how I decorated the treat pouch with a circle embellishment but I won’t bother with the details, because I’m sure if you plan on making your own, you’ll come up with something different :-) 
That’s it. Wasn't that so much fun? What you can also do is use a scallop punch using pattern paper to create some matching cupcake toppers, and a cute flag for your paper straws. I love how these treat bags can be used for any occasion, really; such as, weddings, and birthday parties. Are you planning on having an Easter dinner? 


  1. Great ideas - I might try to do the Treat Pouch for Easter dinner!
    Blogging Buddies

  2. This is so cute!! Love the little happy bunny!

  3. Wow! This is great!
    Visiting from Blogging Buddies

  4. Those treat pouches are incredibly cute!!!
    Our Easter dinner will be all last minute this year, because two of my kids are at grandma's until the day before. So we'll see what we come up with. =0)
    Have a great Easter,

    1. By the way, all of your Lawn Fawn stamps are seriously growing on me every time I see them posted (I don't own any - YET)! When I order some (hopefully soon), I'm TOTALLY mentioning you. =0)

    2. Thanks, Kim! I know I'm totally addicted them--no joke! lol

  5. Love those stamps. Do you work for lawn fawn? I love thier stuff!

    Visiting from blogging buddies!

    1. Hi Katie! I wish I worked for Lawn Fawn! hehe. I'm just a really hard core fan. I love everything about Lawn Fawn stamps, and paper--but most of all I love how nice the owner is and the fact that Lawn Fawn is a US based company and only uses US based manufacturers to make their products :-D

  6. cute tutorial! That can be used for any holiday. Also the stamps are adorable.

    1. You're so right! I want to make some of these for Christmas! With some Christmas paper--I hope Lawn Fawn comes out with new paper for the Holidays! (2013)

  7. SUPER tutorial! These are perfect for so many occasions!


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