Wardrobe Shopping

Friday, February 22, 2013

I just wanted to do a quick fashion post—and I wanted to do a Friday post so you know I’m still here, hehe. After the party I worked on last weekend I thought I’d be ready to blog again but I was so wrong. After the party was over I had a ton of orders to complete, and I just finished the last of my orders today. I should be back to normal with my blog schedule by this Monday! I also went shopping today—after shipping out a few orders, and bought myself a few new things for working so hard, haha. I also just got a new hair cut today, and I’m thinking about blogging it, but we’ll see.  I have new DIYs in store for you, and new papercrafting posts’ too, so you should be expecting those next week. I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Ooh how rocker chic. I love the aztec print bag... I have one that similar in muted reds, black, and white. !! :)

  2. I love everything you bought! So pretty! I especially love that studded sweater! You deserve all that for working so hard!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I looove love those things you bought!
    I adore the bag and sweater♥♥ but everything is soo jam pretty! :))

    Have a nice week too! Can´t wait for your posts and DIYs and yees! we wanna see your new haircut ^^

    xoxo Barbora♥

  4. I seriously love those shoes and the sweater. You've got me wondering about your hair...
    You've had a busy week! Glad to see that you got some YOU time in there for a shopping trip. =0)

  5. Ooo I love those boots and that sweater with the embellishments! =)

  6. Cool shoes ;) I havne't seen the sweater on you yet. Can't wait to see it :)


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