Card of the Week

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here is my card of the week. I’m using a super awesome stamp set created by, Lawn Fawn, named: Admit One. This stamp set can be used for so many things—including Valentine’s Day. This card doesn't have the traditional red and pink colors in it—but it still works as a V-Day card with the, “You make my world go round”, sentiment. I used the carnival ticket stamp to create the background paper; and, I also used my wonderful Copic markers to color them in. Overall, I really enjoy this card and I can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend! I hope he isn't reading this right now, haha. 


  1. This card is super cute! I like the tickets for the background. =0)

  2. I just love the background! Great job!! Lawn Fawn is the best!

  3. Wonderful card!!
    It is nice for a boyfriend cause it isn´t soo over pinky and everything!

    I love the quote♥♥
    Amazing job!!

    I think your cards are soo wonderful Nicole!

    Happy Valentine´s day♥

    XXOXOXO Barbora♥♥

  4. It turned out awesome!, Nicole! Love the ticket stub background.


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