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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi everyone! I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I’ve been so busy. Usually when I know I’m going to be busy on a Monday I’ll do the blog post the day before to have it ready in time; however, I’ve been busy almost every single day. Not only have I had a lot of orders, but I’ve also been planning a party (as some of you may know, but if you don’t you can click,here, for the details on the party I’m planning). This is the first time I’ve been so busy and I LOVE it! The only thing I need to work on is making enough time for my blog in between. I’m still working it all out and I hope you can forgive me ;-)
Here are few new things for the party!! I can’t wait for the final reveal—the party is this weekend so you can expect pictures of the entire event next week!
While I was working on orders this morning my older sister, Angie, came home and surprised my sister, Melanie and I with gifts! Melanie got this awesome Kitchen Aid mixer, and I got a Target gift card! We were so excited! I can’t wait to shop! Hehe. Thanks, Angie!
 I literally don’t have time to make lunch right now, so I stopped at the market to get a salad.
Back to work!...I’ll see you all tomorrow for my card of the week post. 


  1. Can't wait to see pics from the party! I like being busy, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, but I'm glad you're not freaking out like I would be! lol

  2. You're doing an amazing job! I can't wait to see the final reveal.


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