New Haircut and What I'm Wearing

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some of my readers expressed that they wanted to see my new haircut, so I thought it would also be cool to do a little ‘what I’m wearing’ post at the same time. This is my first post showing the clothes I’m wearing and my new accessory—my awesome backpack!  If you didn't see my post about the new clothes, shoes and accessories I bought, you can view them here. So, I got my hair cut super short and I love it! My hair was so long that I never did anything with it. When I was working at home, shipping packages, and running errands I always had my hair in a nasty bun with millions of flyway’s, haha—It wasn't pretty; so, I figured I’d just cut it so I’d that basically be forced to style it every day. I’m so lazy during the week when it comes to my hair and clothes and a short bob haircut will ensure I look cute throughout the week—which will boost my confidence a bit, hehe. 
This is my new backpack, in action. I’m so in love with it right now. I don’t usually go out and buy bags unless they stop me dead in my tracks as I’m shopping; namely, because I can make myself any kind of purse I want—but it takes a special kind of bag to make me forget that I can, LOL. I think the last time I bought myself a bag was about 4 years ago, during that time I was always making my own bags. Isn't it so freaken’ cute? I purchased this backpack at, Target. 
I’m also wearing my new sweater, purchased from, Forever21. I really fell in love with the color and the gold studs—I love anything with studs on it. 
Lastly, this is me trying not to look embarrassed as there were people walking by wondering why I was taking pictures of myself, haha. 


  1. I love your new fact I have a similar one and was thinking about make it shorter on my forehead...just like yours. LOL

    Love your new sweater, too I've been eyeing with a similar one in Promod for some time.

    Gosh, if we'd live closer to each other we could go shopping together! LOL

  2. Great haircut! It looks very nice on you and am sure it will be much more fun and easy yo take care of ;)

  3. I love your new haircut! It's so chic! You look absolutely amazing!! Your backpack is so fun! I can see you getting a lot of use out of that!

  4. Nasty bun with millions of flyaways totally sounds like my hair!!! A short cut is great for spring and summer, so maybe I'll be following your lead. I haven't had my hair short in a few years. Looks awesome on you!

  5. i REALLY think the bag was worth a buy! It is very cute and looks amazing!!

    U do look really good in your new haircut :) ^^ and the sweater is wonderful aswell because blue is my LOVE♥♥ hehe :D

    xx Barbora♥

  6. I don't know what your hair looked like before but it looks great now. Very, very pretty haircut. Wondering if I would look good in your hairstyle. P.S. Hate, hate, hate buns!

  7. That's a lovely bag, and the hair really really suits you :) xx

  8. Lovin' the hair! Perfect for your face!

  9. If you wanna look cute without putting so much effort, wearing your hair in a short bob is certainly a popular choice. And it has done its magic again; you look younger! Although this cut is also a bit critical when it comes to length. It would fail if you cut it, even an inch, shorter than the ideal for your body type and face shape. Stela @Pure Salon & Spa


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