Making Gallons of Limeade

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today I’m making lots and lots of limeade for an organization my mom works for. She’s a therapist/counselor for a company that does a lot of good work for people in need within the community; and, every year their company hosts’ a Thanksgiving dinner for all the families. Each year the workers (including my mother) make the entire dinner and every year my sister and I usually help with something. So, this time around my mom asked me to make the limeade I'd created for my blog a while back (You can click here for the recipe). This drink is seriously delicious—I even served myself a cup because I had to insure it was perfect, hehe—just an excuse to have a sip.
 I ended up getting 6 gallons of limeade out of 20 limes! 

 Zesting limes...

Whoa, so good right? If you'd like to give this recipe a try go ahead and click this link. Happy Friday! 


  1. I'll have to check out your recipe! Your pictures look great too.

  2. the more i scrolled the more my mouth watered. i've never tried lime-onade, but it sure does look good. i wonder if i can somehow con my brother into doing the squeezing...hmmm

    1. Actually, this recipe has no squeezing involved :-D You can even make a jug full with only 2 large limes. It's a blended version. You can just cut the skin off, blend with sugar and water, run it through a sieve, and add more water & sugar to taste :-D Super easy.

  3. My kids LOVE making limeade! They've never added the zest, so I'm going to give your recipe to my daughter. =0)
    This is a great thing that your mom's company does, and it's even more great that you and your sis help your mom out with it each year. I'm sure your mom is grateful for your help as well.


  4. It looks absolutely delicious!! That's so great that your mom and the company do something good and help out!

  5. That looks so good! I'll have to try it :)


  6. I am such a lime lover and this sounds and looks so reshreshing!

  7. OOoh it does look so good and very refreshing. I am definitely heading over to that link to check out the recipe. I hope you don't mind if I pin it to one of my boards on Pinterest. Cheers!

  8. I'm going to give this a shot - thanks for sharing! :)
    Your photos are lovely by the way!

    I'd like to invite you to our Meet & Greet Blog Hop! This will be a weekly Sunday & Monday event :)

    Come link up and join in the fun!

  9. Oh man this sounds amazing. I am such a big fan of limeade.


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