My Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Back from Vacation, Boohoo

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi everyone! I’m back from vacation (I wish I wasn't),  but I have a couple of pictures to share from my trip to Cabo. In my last post I mentioned how scared I was to fly on an air plane for the first time—and now I feel like such a nerd for being so afraid! I actually really loved it. While in the airport, at LAX, I was so nervous—really nervous actually—but once I got onto the plane I started to calm down a bit, and when the plane took off I was so happy that I didn't have a panic attack, haha. We were on our way to Cabo San Lucas for a full week, and I was super excited!
 The view from our suite was amazing, and the hotel was beautiful, too.
After settling into our suite, we were a bit tired and it was about time for dinner so we went down to the restaurant in our hotel, and had dinner. Then walked around the beach at night for a while, it was so beautiful. There’s my father walking on the beach in front of me (I can’t even count the amount of times he fell that night—to much drinky-drinky).
Every morning we had breakfast by the beach at the outdoor restaurant in the resort, it was so amazing to have the all-inclusive package because that meant we never had to pay for our food or drinks—and I tried my best not to go overboard, haha.
We had a lot of activities lined up for this trip; such as, Jet skiing, swimming with dolphins, massages, and many other things. It was so much fun. I think my favorite was using the jet skis—or maybe it was riding a dolphin…but going out at night with my Mom, Dad, and brother was pretty fun too! We went to the popular Cabo Wabo bar in the city and hung out with the locals. We were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Sammy Hagar—I think my dad was the most excited, hehe.
When I was at the local market, and looking for souvenirs, I found this really awesome Day of the Dead, Loteria game set! I loved it. Isn’t it awesome?!
I also purchased this really cute purse from the market. I love it so much. I bought this because I didn't want to have any clutter with me on the plane. On our way to Cabo I felt unconfortable with my reguarl purse between my legs on the floor--so I down sized for the return home. This mini bag was way better--and cute, too!
Overall, I had such a great time in Cabo with my entire family. I have to admit I was seriously considering staying there. There is calmness in Mexico that is so addictive—and I wasn't looking forward to coming back to the fast paced Los Angeles.  I’ll never forget this trip, and now I can’t wait to travel the world some more—now that my fear of flying is finally done with. Who knows where I’ll go next. 

Stay tuned for Friday, I'm sharing a breakfast tostada recipe that is AMAZING, and on Monday I'm sharing a fun papercrafting DIY! 


  1. What a relaxing and gorgeous vacation!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had such a relaxing time in Cabo and that you weren't afraid when you were flying!

  3. How fun! It looked so relaxing. I recently found your blog and am really excited to follow along. You're super talented and your blog showcases that for sure. Have a nice Thursday!

  4. Yay! You made it through your first flight with no panic attacks! Congrats.
    The view from your suite...OH wow!!! Looks awesome. My kids LOVE playing Loteria, so they'd love that set you picked up. And that purse is so cute. I always love markets and the great things you can find there.
    I hope you'll be posting some pics of the dolphins! =0)

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