Lime Cocktail

Monday, July 1, 2013

While I was browsing through the newest issue of, Fine Cooking, I found this really great cocktail recipe that I really wanted to try. It's made with only liquor, limes, and sugar. After making this drink I fell in love with it, it's so refreshing and absolutely perfect for these hot summer nights. I have to admit that I tweaked the recipe because my liquor of choice is Bacardi, so I used that instead of the alcohol shown in the original recipe. Another great thing about this recipe is that it's made perfectly for one serving. A lot of recipes I've found for cocktail have about 6+ servings--but I really only want one, hehe. 

Serves 1:

1/2 line, quartered
2 tbs. sugar
2 fl. oz of liquor 

What I did was cut the lime in half, quartered it, and place those pieces into the cup. Next I added the sugar, and mashed the two together using a large stone. Next I added the liquor and ice--mixed, and it was ready to drink. This would be a perfect drink to make for yourself or others at your Fourth of July celebration! Trust me, it's tasty! 


  1. It's supposed to get up to 109 degrees here in northern Cali, so just looking at your post is refreshing! Lime cocktail for the grown ups, and limeaid for the kiddos. =0)

  2. It's almost a brazilian 'caipirinha', only here we use cachaça (I don't know how you call it), so it's a little stronger, but yet very refreshing. And if I may say, it tastes even better if you use a cocktail mixer.

  3. Ahh your posts make me so happy!! :) I definitely want to try this out... it's so simple yet refreshing.


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