Handmade Flyers for My Shop

Monday, May 13, 2013

I've always wanted to create a flyer that provides buyers with a little bit of information on me and my shop; and, I finally put some time aside to create them. I made them really quick on Photoshop, and while I was creating the header I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, I think I've just created my logo” –without even trying to, hehe. In a blog post a while back I mentioned that I hadn't create a logo yet, and that it was on my never-ending list of ‘things to do’—but I’m super happy with it and I think I’m going to be slapping this logo everywhere now. I’ll probably end up changing the header on my blog as well. Anyways, back to the design, I included a tiny bit of info about my shop, links to my blog, a link back to my Facebook page, and invitation to come back to my shop for Christmas 2013 items, and most importantly a 15% coupon code for return customers—which is to be used for Christmas purchases. I've also, always wanted to offer a coupon code for return customer purchases, and since I was making a flyer already I figured, why not add it. Overall I’m super happy with the design of the flyer I made, and I can’t wait to send these out with every package! Let me know what you think of them—I love reading your comments. OH! P.S. I forgot to mention that I also created the logo font using ifontmaker--an awesome app by apple. If you don't have it yet, you NEED to get it! It's so much fun creating your own unique fonts.  


  1. Those look great!! I really need to get thank you cards or similar flyers as yours in my shop. I always write promo codes on the back of my business card when I send out items.

  2. Congrats, Nicole. You're really getting all professional. :)

  3. Amazing!! This is a great idea and I now people can keep it and check on your blog when they go onto their computer! I love your new logo; it's simple but it's special and very cool!

  4. Such a great idea! Seriously, smart!

  5. With these handmade flyers, you've shown that you value your customers very much. Handing out paper materials like these will simply make them feel appreciated. Your new logo might look simple, but it's easy to remember. That's a win for me! :)

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