DIY--Wedding Confetti Favor Bags

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I have a really fun DIY to share today! We all know someone who is getting married, and this easy Confetti favor bag tutorial would be something you could offer to make for a very special event. What I love most about this DIY is how messy it gets. I think while I was cutting the confetti I found myself stopping frequently to grab handfuls of it and making it snow, lol. There was something very calming about it. Another great thing about making your own confetti is you can control the color(s). You can make bags of a single color or you can use coral and blue, purple and pink, rainbow colors, etc. The possibilities are endless. I’m even thinking about making a bag of metallic confetti in silver. That would AMAZING. Moreover, the tools you’ll need for this tutorial are:  Fringe scissors (Click here to view them), and any color tissue paper. Next you simply unfold the tissue paper, cut off about 1/3 of the tissue paper, fold it in half and begin cutting. Once you've cut your vertical fringe, start cutting horizontally as shown in the images below. It’s that simple. I was so amazed at how much confetti I got with only one package of tissue. 
To view how I created the favor bag and tag embellishment, view the video I've created below. It's short and sweet. 


  1. OMG I've never seen those fringe scissors before, so I have something to add to my wishlist! Confetti is always awesome. I think metallic silver would be one of my faves. =0)

    1. They're so cool! I love them--the only thing is figuring out what to do with them. I got them on clearance for $4 dollars. So I couldn't pass them up, hehe.

  2. Cute and simple! Love it! The blue color is really pretty!

  3. I got my card's in the mail today. They are spectacular!

  4. Ohh it was soo easy and pretty :)) I watched the video too♥
    I´m soo happy I could watch you while making your crafty suff! The video was very good!! I adore the lighting! Everything was soo bright :))

    xoxoxox Barbora♥♥

  5. That's really kind of you to share the post with us:). "DIY--Wedding" is of my style. Looking forward to your next post! Yours cheap plus size wedding dresses

  6. This is so neat, and unique. LOVE IT!!!


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