Friday, January 11, 2013

Today was so much fun! My sisters have been asking me to teach them how to make greetings cards for some time now and we finally managed to sync our schedules’ so that we could have a ‘crafternoon’ card making class. I taught them the basics of card making, stamping, and paper piecing. I was laughing at how they’d listen to a little bit of information I’d give them, then be like, “Ok, got it” and start pulling out all the stamps, ink, and paper, and then get stuck and not know what to do because they weren’t listening to me in the first place. But, it’s totally understandable. How can you sit in front of all these awesome crafting tools and expect to be lectured, LOL. I thought that was really funny and I was teasing my sister about that for the rest of the time, haha. A little while later I managed to convey all the basic skills they’d need to complete a card, and they caught on well—very well actually.
I talked to them about the different types of stamps there are; such as, acrylic, silicone, rubber, and photopolymer. The different kinds of ink you can choose from, and how to keep stamps nice and clean. We also used my new Copic markers. I’m so in love with them.
Here are their cards! The Valentine’s Day themed card was created by my youngest sister, Melanie, and the card on the right was made by my older sister Angie (who I call, Angus). I have a nickname for everyone.
We were also visited by our beautiful niece—who also loves to craft. I bought her, her own stamps, paper, and ink…but that still doesn't keep her from dipping in my stash. So I figured I might as well teach her how to properly use them if she’s planning on using them on a regular basis, haha. She’s so cute. Lastly I've been thinking about creating a ‘Crafting 101’ feature here on my blog for those that would like to start scrapbooking or cardmaking. What do you think? Is that something you would like to see on my blog? I think if I get enough votes I just might do it :-p 


  1. I see you had a lot of fun ahaha .))
    I love your cards♥
    Have fun next craftenoon too :))

    xx Barbora^^

  2. Yes! Definitely start a crafting 101. I was thinking just that as I read through your post. That would be so cool.

  3. I have nicknames for everyone too! LOL
    Well, their cards came out GREAT! You are a good teacher. With that said, I think a Crafting 101 would be awesome here on your blog. Your photos are so good, and your tutorials are always excellent (oh yeah, we had tons of fun making paper straw ornaments, by the way)!
    Looks like crafternoon was a big success, so I'm glad you all got your schedules together. =0)
    Happy Friday,

  4. uhhh YES PLEASE (do you really need to ask?!)! It's still so crazy to me that you actually MAKE these beautiful creations. Wow! Any afternoon full of crafting and art is bound to be a wonderful one! Family is such an important part of my life and I'm so glad it is obviously important to you! P.S. Your niece is beyond adorable!

  5. Yes please do a DIY that would be sooo fun!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights


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