My First Scrapbook Page

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just recently I realized that I really should be documenting my story. When I look back on my life and all the memories I don’t want them to be lost in cyber space because they’re stuck in my phone or on my hard drive. I take tons of pictures—all the time. If I’m not taking pictures with my phone I’m using my DSLR to capture some of life’s precious moments, and I realized it—I never print any of my pictures. I imagined myself looking back on my life with maybe children or grandchildren, and not have scrapbooks or any kind of picture book scared me a little. I want to be able to show younger generations scrapbooks of how I used to look in the good ol’ days. I mean our current generation takes pictures and selfies about a thousand times a day, “so why not print them and cherish them?”, I said to myself.

I have to be honest though, I never thought I’d ever be a “scrapper” I was never really drawn to it but recent trips to Michaels have stopped me dead in my tracks as I’d walk the isles of Heidi Swapp and Project life. The papers, colors, and overall designs these two businesses are creating have really been catching me eye. I’d think to myself, “That’s my kind of style” but then I’d realize that I’m not a scrapper by any means so what would I do with these tools? Those thoughts stuck in my mind for a while until I realized—Yes! I should be keeping record of these moments. I treasure every moment I have with loves one and friends so I should express that with scrapbooking.

On my latest trip to Michaels I purchased a 12x12 photo album, some 12x12 pocket sleeves, and a Heidi Swapp/Project life pocket scrapbooking kit. The kit I purchase is a newer kit—so it’s smaller and I thought it would be a perfect starting point. I wouldn’t be losing too much money if I decided scrapping wasn’t my thing. But turns out it is…it really is. When I created my first scrapbook page I was so into it and even felt a little bit emotional by it all. Looking at the pictures remembering how I felt that day, things we did, food we ate—it was really great. I’d never felt so calm and happy in a while like I did when I was creating my first page. Then the journal entry sealed the deal, I wrote a two sentence blurb about Thanksgiving with my family. I’m hooked. 


  1. I never though I would be a scrapper either, but I made one for my son's 30th birthday, and I was hooked. You should look for a local scrapbooking group. If I didn't have mine (we get together about twice a month) I wouldn't make the time for doing this myself. And my scrapbooking is for myself, not my shop. and we all need things just for us.

  2. I am loving some of the newer kits too. I was always a little intimidated by the idea of scrapbooking but since Gage came I really really want to get these memories into something for him. As always I love your color sense and style. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Your first page looks beautiful! I love the color scheme! Green, white, and gold is so pretty!

  4. Wow! It is beautiful. Project Life is the best way to start!!

  5. A scrapbook is a great alternative to the traditional photo album we all grew up with. I actually prefer compiling the photos in scrapbooks, because they tend to be more personal and creative. At any rate, welcome aboard to the world of scrapbooking, Nicole! I really hope you enjoy making fun documentations of your adventures. Keep us posted, and have a nice day!

    Harry Newton @


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