DIY Mini Stationary Box--4 Bar Size--Video and Printable Instructions

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi everyone! Today I'm super excited to be sharing a new stationary box DIY. This time around it's a smaller size--4 Bar size to be exact. So that means the awesome Lawn fawndamentals note cards will fit perfectly inside, and the envelopes too. However, not only will this box hold stationary, it can also be used for carrying a gift card or a sweet treat, too! 

I'm also offering a free printable with written instructions on how to create these mini boxes. Click here for that free printable! This will make creating tons of these so much easier. You can view the video to watch how I assembled it but the written instructions will help you so that you can don't have to keep pressing stop or rewind of the video, hehe. 

I was so excited to create these boxes with the paper, Snow Boots, from the new, Snow Day, collection. This pattern paper is too perfect! If you do create some of your own I'd love to see them--I've had several of you send me IG messages with pictures of the A2 size card boxes and I'd love it if you shared your pictures of these, too. You can find my on IG @unifyhandmade 

I really hope you enjoy this! 


  1. cute :)

  2. This looks great, can't wait to pick out paper to make my own box! I loved your A2 boxes (and make them all the time) too. Thanks!

  3. what a cute idea...thanks for the great tutorial :)

  4. Hey Nicole!! I totally love your gift packaging. Your tutorial was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it. I created a couple of the boxes. I will tag you in my post.


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