5 things that make me happy...crafty edition

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1.       My collection of stain ribbon
2.       My growing collection if Copic Markers
3.       The rubber stamp organizer I purchased from the dollar store
4.       My growing collection of Lawn Fawn
5.       Sampler size ink pads

Sometimes, when I’m working at my desk, I love to get lost in the sea of beautiful things I’m surrounded by. I may not have the prettiest craft space in the world but all the wonderful things I've been collecting for the past few years are always staring right back at me—as if they need me as much as I need them. Being able to work with these things everyday makes me so smile. 


  1. I feel the SAME way about my work space:))and toys!

  2. You take such wonderful pictures! You make pictures of pens pretty! I've always wanted satin ribbon; they're so pretty!

  3. Your blog is very effective because of the very nice pictures and very informative posts. :) I love to try that Hero Arts Cubes. :) They look so pretty!

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  5. Ohh I love copic markers I wish I could have em! I understand what you are writing about! :) Space around me can make me really happy aswell!

    I´m soo happy your Lawn Fawn collection is getting bigger♥

    XOXOXO Barbora

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