My Plans for a DIY Paper Ornament Christmas

Monday, December 10, 2012

I love Monday’s because it means I’ve got so much crafting to do. On Monday’s I’m usually finishing up orders that I’ve received over the weekend, working on my blog, shipping packages, planning for future blog posts’, and work more orders again, hehe. This year I’m planning to make about 80% of the ornaments on the Christmas tree; and, I’m excited to be getting my family involved with this process. So over the weekend I was doing research on the internet trying to find out how to make paper rosettes and other types of paper ornaments that I’d like to use. There are a few types of paper ornaments that I already knew how to make but I wanted to learn how to make a wide variety of them so that I don’t have the same two types of ornaments all over the tree, haha. As of now I’m gathering my ideas, and testing them all out. Once I’m sure of all the ornaments I’m going to want on the tree I’ll start the little papercraft party with my sisters—that’ll be so much fun! I’m sure wine will be involved.
My first paper rosette! ^^ + Below I'd like to share how I went about making the mini paper boxes. They're so cute and I hope you give them a try :-p
For the box you'll need your favorite piece of pattern paper, two 6"x6" pieces of card stock (any color), a score board, and a scoring tool. 
Take the two pieces of 6x6 card stock and make your score marks at 2" and 4", next rotate and repeat. 
 Next, cut like so; and, fold the score marks with your finger or bone folder. 
Next, cut 5 pieces of pattern paper at 1 ¾” by 1 ¾” and adhere them as show in the picture below. 
Next make a small hole in the center of the box, tie some twine with a large knot and slip through the hole, and secure with a piece of tape. 
 Now you can assemble the box like so:
 ...and repeat those steps for the bottom of the box (minus the pattern paper). 
There you have it! Isn't it cute? I can't wait to figure out all the ornaments I'm going to make. I'll definitely keep you in the loop along the way :-p Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great DIY ornaments. So much fun!
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. What a fabulous way to use up scrapbooking scraps!

    xoxo Lorelai

    1. That's something I really love about these too--I can use all the paper in my scrap box :-D

  3. It's SUPER cute!!!! And looks so simple and fun!

  4. How SWEET is your tree gonig to be!
    Your family will LOVE it:)

  5. Very nice and creative DIY again :))

    xxx Barbora♥♥

  6. So great! I love how colorful this is and it doesn't even look handmade, looks like someone could have totally bought this! It's a gem!

  7. That's so awesome! I love the idea of a DIY Christmas!


  8. Oh these are so sweet! I love paper crafts like this :)


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