How Do You Eat Your Raspberries?

Friday, June 15, 2012

I was inspired by the latest edition of Martha Stewart Living for this blog post. She had a list of her favorite ways to eat raspberry dishes, and I thought, “Hey, my favorite way to eat raspberries isn’t in there”. So, I wanted to share that here on my blog—being that summer is just around the corner and the need for cool treats will be in demand in all of our homes.

1.       5-6 raspberries
2.       ½ cup of vanilla yogurt
3.       Handful of raisins
4.       Handful of nuts

What I do is start by rinsing my raspberries, and then I mash them with a fork and add them to the half cup of vanilla yogurt and mix. Next I add the raisins and nuts—and eat!

How do you eat your raspberries?


  1. Hi, Nicole! New follower and fellow etsian loving your blog! Your recipe looks so yummy ... definitely gonna give it a try!

    Samantha xx

  2. Thanks Samantha! You should definitely try it, it's super good :-D


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