Easy Tips for Taking Great Photos

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every once in a while I get questions regarding my pictures, and I love to share any information that I can with everyone. Most sellers are already aware of the tips I’m going to share on my blog today; but some don’t. So, I’m hoping this blog post will help those who are looking for a cheap way to create pretty pictures!
The first thing I did when I wanted to create my low priced photo-studio was find the cheapest items possible:
1.       Ironing board - $3.00
2.       Two pieces of white cardboard - $1.00
3.       Tape - $1.00
4.       Left over gift box (optional) –Free, I found it lying around the house.
5.       Props!
As you can see from my picture, I’ve simply taped the two cardboard pieces together and sat them on top of the ironing board; and placed it against the wall—which is near the biggest window in the house. One tip photographers always suggest is the use of natural light. Natural lighting always flatters the items—unlike a harsh flash. Lastly, I’ve placed my old gift box on the left hand side of the ironing board, since the window is to my right. By doing this, it slightly brightens up the area using some of the natural light coming from the window. Tip: to keep the gift box from falling over I taped it to a box.
Next, all you need is your items and your props. Then you’re ready to shoot! I like using things I have around the house. I don’t like to go out and purchase too much. I like using glass with my items, but by all means feel free to use what you think works best with your items. I’ll just briefly explain how I use some of my props.
I love to use this ceramic cup to hold my cupcake toppers and to lean my small zipper bags against, like so:
Here is the result:
I use the same cup for my toppers too!
I also love to use glass items in my photos—I always love shooting through glass. I think it looks really beautiful.
Then I like to use real life items when photographing my purses and lunch totes. This will help the buyer see the actual size of tote.
I hope these tips and ideas helped you. Feel free to use this affordable at home, handmade, studio for all your items. Use them for cards too!

For more pictures of my items feel free to visit my website unify.etsy.com


  1. Great tips!! That's so neat to see how you photograph your items!!

  2. These are great tips. Your photographs are really beautiful :)

  3. I love your DIY light box! Hey, you can't argue with results. Your photos look mondo cool, and you didn't have to spend a ton of money to make it happen. Right on!

    1. Thanks Ali :) I love finding cheap ways to do these types of things--I love sharing them too :D

  4. Great tips for an affordable solution!


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