How it’s made Monday—Making Thank You Notes

Monday, September 3, 2012

If you've been following my blog for a while now you’ll know that I take pride in packaging my items before shipment. I love to provide a whimsical experience for my customer; and I’m always trying new ways to make my packaging look super adorable. Not only do I enjoy trying new ways to say thank you to my customers, I also like sharing how I go about doing making them too.

I love to use paper-scrapes from previous crafting projects and I’m going to show everyone how I use my lovely paper-leftovers. Saving your paper scrapes is so crucial because you can sometimes use those scraps for other projects like tags, toppers, and stamp image paper piecing. I have a box filled of different color paper scrapes and I love to go back to that box and search for the color pieces I need before starting from a full sheet of paper.

This time around I’m scraping (pun intended) my ‘Thank you’ card and instead started making the ‘Thank you’ circular tag with a washi tap accent. Really quickly—if you’re unfamiliar with washi tap, it’s a Japanese tape that lots of crafters use for decorating cards, tags, etc. Go ahead and give it a google if you’d like to learn more about them; and, to find the store that I buy my washi tape from you can click here.

So, I’m using ivory leftovers for my ‘thank you’ tags, and as you can see I have lots of them!
I’m also using my ‘thank you’ stamp courtesy of Lawn Fawn. I absolutely love that they provide a free gift stamp with all their orders. It makes receiving their packages even more fun. 
I’m also using one of my favorite Lawn Fawn sets ‘Love ‘n breakfast’ for this thank you tag and I’m using my 2 inch craft punch. 

…and this is how I use the stamps

Next, I simply color in the images and place some washi tape on the back of the tag to seal my bag (but sometimes I skip this process if I’m not using a craft bag), then I apply some more washi tape over the tag to secure it. That’s it! It’s cute, simple, and whimsical. 


  1. These are so cute Nicole! I'll look for an excuse to put washi tape on anything so I definitely want to try making some of these as goodie bags. Two quick questions; how do you get your Lawn Fawn stamps to come out so clear? I have a few sets I got as gifts and I always have the problem of getting that 'squashed' effect when I stamp with them. Also, do you have any tips for keeping all those paper scraps organized?

  2. Hi Laruen! Thanks for stopping by :-D I too try to find any excuse to use washi tape. It always takes projects to the next level! You’re so lucky to have received Lawn Fawn stamps as a gift. I wish I would get their stamps as gifts, LOL. I’d say in order to prevent the ‘squashed’ effect you’re getting when stamping, you can apply light yet even pressure when stamping. The Lawn Fawn stamps are made with the highest photopolymer quality and they don’t need the same pressure as some acrylic stamps do. I’d also recommend using Memento ink with Lawn Fawn stamps--I seem to get the best results with those ink pads. You can also check out Lawn Fawn’s Youtube channel—Kelly Marie has tons of videos showing how she uses the stamps. I’d also advise practicing when you have spare time. My little sister is always asking me how I got so good at stamping and my answer is always, “Practice little sis, practice”. Haha. As far as keeping my scrapes organized I like to use a 12 x 12 clear container that I purchased to carry my lose 12 x 12 sheets in, except I have one of those containers solely dedicated to all my scrapes. Keeping them all in one place helps when you need to find the perfect scrap; and, keeping them in the 12 x 12 case allows for organized storage as well because if you have more than one, as I do, you can stack them up all together in one place. I hope this helped! Now I’m thinking about creating a post about organization! Thanks for stopping by and asking some questions, it’s refreshing to be able to help fellow crafters! Have a great day!


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