D.I.Y.—Day of the Dead Cupcake Toppers

Friday, September 14, 2012

September is half-way over and Halloween is quickly approaching. I have a really cute, affordable, and fun D.I.Y. project using some stamps I purchased from my local craft store for only $1.00! I’ve mentioned before that, Joanns Fabric & Craft stores always has new holiday themed stamps every year and I always love to collect them all. This year one of stamp sets that got me super excited was the Day of the Dead skull and bones. Typically these acrylic stamps don’t produce a clean crisp image with regular black ink so I decided to purchase some black embossing powder for this particular project instead. I remember when I was a novice papercrafter and I’d pass through the isle with all the little embossing powders and just marvel at the variety of colors; and how cute the bottles were—but I never actually knew what they were for. Now that I know what they can do I’m obsessed with them! 
Step 1: Place the stamp on your acrylic block 
Step 2: Generously dab your stamp onto the versa mark ink pad
Step 3: Stamp the image onto your card stock
…You can kinda see the water mark here if you look closely
Step 4: Apply your black embossing powder
Step 5: Shake it off
Step 6: Apply heat
Amazing right?!
Step 7: Color-in using markers, color pencils, or any other medium you prefer
Step 8: Cut the image out
Step 9: Apply to wooden pick and cover the back with matching skull (double sided)

And you’re finished! Wasn’t that fun? 


  1. You certainly make it sound easy - I'd just be fearful of damaging the work when heating the image on paper. But then, if you work with paper all the time, you must know all the tricks of the trade!

    Perfect for Halloween, though! Hope you're successful with them!

  2. Thank you for your comment Isobel! I was worried about that same thing when I first started heat embossing; however, I found that the embossing powder only needs to be heating for a few seconds in order to set. Therefore, the heat tool is only on for a few short seconds and the paper is not damaged. At times the paper does tend to curl a bit--but there are tricks to prevent that from happening :-D

  3. These are so cool!! I'm a big fan of Day of the Dead skulls : )

    1. Me too! I was super excited when I found these at my local craft store & for only $1.00! Thanks for the kind words :-P

  4. Those are so cool!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bridgette + thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)


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