My Newest Sewing Project

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi! I don’t usually post on Saturdays but I thought I’d just show you this new purse I finished because I’m so excited about it. I absolutely love how it came out. I made one like this a while back and I even posted it on my blog but after I finished that purse I was upset because sewing that purse caused my needle to break; and I think I just get easily discouraged. But lately I’ve been having a bit of crafters-block when making cards and I figured it was because I had been neglecting my love for sewing. So yesterday I took the time to dip into my fabric box and feel the fabrics and really connect with them—then I came up with this combination of colors. I feel like I can breathe again because I was able to make this purse design again without breaking my needle. This purse might look super easy to make but there are parts that are really thick and even my industrial sewing machine has trouble sometimes. 

All an all, I’m super happy with this bag and I’m excited for the person who gets to call it their own. Namely, because this is an OOAK (One of a kind purse) and I won’t make this purse with this fabric ever again. I like buying a small amount of fabric, making a few things out of it, and then never making another like them again. I feel that makes my handmade fashion accessories that much more special. 


  1. Oh wow that came out so wonderfully! I really love the lining on the inside!

    1. Thank you! I love the lining too, it's a great pop of color :-D


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