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Monday, September 10, 2012

One of my pet peeves when crafting is getting out of my chair to search through my boxes of tools for something that I need when I’m working on a project. It may seem lazy but I just really don’t like moving from my table when I’m in a crafty flow, haha. So in order to ensure I have everything where I need it I’ve purchased a few bins from the dollar store and Target. My motto when keeping my desk organized is ‘keep everything within reach’ because I don’t like having to look for things, as previously mentioned.  I just feel that having to stop a project to look for a certain tool takes time away from me completing it.

Here is one of my favorite organizers that I purchased from target a few months ago. It was only $7.00 dollars and they also had a variety of different colors. I don’t usually like to spend that much on organizers but I thought this would be perfect for all my ink, acrylic blocs, and embellishments. I keep all my blank tags, stamped tags, and other embellishments that I might need to complete an order in there. In the second drawer I keep my blocks, and lastly, I keep the inks that I use the most in the bottom drawer.

This pale blue container is another one that I love. I bought this at my local dollar store and they too also have these in a wide variety of colors. I like to keep my ribbons in here. 

I also have this bright pink container that I bought at the 99 cent store and I like to keep all my miscellaneous items in here. These particular containers also stack very well. 
Lastly, I have this box that I bought at Ikea. I don’t remember how much they were but I remember them being really cheap. I like using boxes like these to keep new products in and this box has all my new 2012 Christmas items! There are so many things in that box that I want to show you but I’ll have to wait and reveal them later ;-) 
Thanks for stopping by again! 


  1. I love being organized! Can you come and help in my office???

    1. :-D I'd love to! LOL. I love everything about organizing! but really--what crafter doesn't?! haha


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