Hot Pink Mini Fox Cards

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It feels like it’s been so long since the last time I blogged. I've been meaning to blog every week but my shop has been keeping me so busy these days—and that’s a good thing. I’m so grateful to have orders coming in every day. When I first started my business I always wanted to be at this point, where orders would come in every single day, and I was always busy and always having something to do. At times, being a one woman business can be a bit stressful but it’s all worth it because doing what I love all day every day is what keeps me happy.
I've completely gone off subject but back to this post. I recently had to run over to Paper Source to purchase some white embossing power for a big order I was working on; and, I had planned on going in and only buying this one thing but, yeah right! Once I walked through the doors the first thing I grabbed was a shopping basket and I starting filling it with things. Two of the things that I chose to share today is this awesome Neon Pink Ink by, Hero Arts. It’s not a new product but it’s been on my wish list for some time now, and I thought I’d give it a try. The other thing I purchase was this super adorable fox stamp. It’s a wooden stamp (something I’m not fond of these days) but the image was just too cute to pass up. I thought this image would be perfect for creating mini note cards—especially cute for my shop. At first I wasn't too sure how a hot pink fox would look on a card but, oh my word! It’s so cute, and I love it so much. 
Now that I've given this hot pink ink a try, I’d definitely like to try the other colors in the neon ink collection. I’m definitely going to be trying different stamp images on plain white card stock  and adding them to my shop very soon. I’ll also be adding these mini cards to my shop shortly as well—so if you’d rather not make them you can purchase them in my shop! You can email me if you’d like a 15% off coupon code. I’m always willing to offer discounts to readers! I hope you've enjoyed this post, and I’m hoping to have the time to continue blogging. My orders are piling up, and I hardly have time for much of anything else lately. I think I just need to get better in the time management department of my life. 


  1. Love foxes - more so in images rather than the real things that visit our chicken shed and - well, you know.

    There's something about foxes and handmade design.

  2. super cute. i bought the neon mini ink pads. i don't use neon often so they're great to have without spending too much. i got a four pack - pink, blue, orange and green. i think.

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