Foodie Friday—Cupcakes!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes! It’s Friday; and, I’m happy to post about the latest cupcakes I’ve made. I absolutely love making cupcakes (even though I didn’t get to eat any of these). Making cupcakes is so much fun for me; and I love everything about making cupcakes—from using different color cupcake wrappers, choosing the frosting color, and lastly, using them for my cupcake topper photo-shoots.

While I was planning how I was going to make this cupcakes I thought, perhaps some people would love to see how I go about making them and here’s how I do it!

First, I flip through one of my favorite magazines, The FoodNetwork Magazine, and decide which color I’d like to use. I have a special issue that has a list of icing colors and the amount of food coloring drops needed to acquire the color I may desire; and, for this project I wanted to use the color Jordan Almond—which is listed at 12 drops of blue food coloring with 1 drop of red food coloring per 1 cup of icing. 

Second, I add two cups of store bought (non-creamy icing) to a bowl, add 24 blue food coloring drops and 2 red food coloring drops then mix. 

Third, I grab my wonderful collection of assorted cupcakes, and choosing my favorite ones. 

Lastly, I pipe the cupcakes and get them ready for their photo-shoot! I made new cupcake toppers using a cloud shaped craft punch, and hand stamped, hand cut toppers using my favorite stamps by Lawn Fawn. Aren't they super cute?

Photo-shoot days are always fun but adding cupcakes to the mix makes them even more exciting and I’m glad I was able to share this with you. If you'd like to purchase some of these adorable cupcake toppers they'll be available in my shop very soon. I hope you have a perfect Friday! Enjoy your weekend :-D 


  1. Those toppers are charming: but, isn't there a danger it could stop folks from actually eating those darn good looking cakes in the first place?

    1. You'd be suprised! At my house these were distroyed in 2.5 seconds,when I gave the ok for them to be eaten, LOL. We're a bunch of fatties :-T

  2. These animal toppers are just adorable! Love, Love!


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