Affordable Last Minute Easter Cake

Saturday, April 7, 2012

     If you’re like me you don’t think of what you’re going to make for Holiday parties until the last minute, and this year I thought about making a cute—cheap, Easter themed Cake. If you have eggs and food coloring at home in your pantry already then this cake will only cost you a little over $5.00. To make this cake all you’ll need is:
·         2 boxes of white cake mix ($1.00 each)
·         2 containers or white icing  ($1.59 each)
·         2 or 1 small round baking pans
·         Food coloring
·         Vegetable oil
·         6 eggs
·         Water
What I did for the first batch was simply follow the instructions on the back of the cake mix box—once that was done, I divided the batter in half—in separate bowls, then added yellow food coloring into one bowl and pink food coloring into another. Then bake! Once they are out, wash and dry all the dishes and pans, then repeat—but with the purple and blue food coloring instead of the pink and yellow. Once they have cooled on a rack you can start icing. What I do is place the first cake layer facing up and then trim the top off to insure the cake will be level (I do this for each cake layer). After you have trimmed the first layer, simply spread about 2 tbsp of the icing on top then repeat those steps for the other layers. It should look something like this: (sorry for the poor image quality I did this last night and I didn’t have much natural lighting, lol).
Then from this point you can simply use the remaining frosting to finish it up. Then you are ready to serve or take it your party!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post—and I hope you have a GREAT Easter!
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  1. Happy Easter! The cake is perfect ;)

  2. Thank you! Happy Easter to you as well :-D

  3. that cake looks so yummy!! thanks so much for following my blog! I'm following you right back! Your photos are so pretty by the way!



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