So Excited About the New Cricut Cartridge

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I stumbled upon the new Cricut Cartridge at my local craft shop (or at least I think it’s new—I’ve never seen it in stores before so it’s new to me, haha), and I almost had a heart attack. It’s the ‘Sweet Tooth Boxes’ cartridge; and you can make a variety of treat boxes and tags! If you don’t know by now I love to make cupcakes and use them for my photo shoots—but now I have something cute to give them away in. Right now one of the projects I’m obsessing over the single cupcake box with the heart window on top. I just melt every time I look at it because it is SO cute. Ok enough talking, let me just show you a few pictures of the pieces of the treat box and how it looks assembled.

Isn’t it so cute?! What’s great about this new cartridge is the instructions book—it’s much more detailed than the older Cricut cartridges and it even shows you how to glue the box together. In other cartridges it doesn’t even show you how to put favor boxes together—they just kind of let you figure it out on your own. Another cool feature in the instruction booklet is they even tell you exactly what size to print everything out in so you don’t have to waste paper trying to figure that out too. So, I’m super happy about that.
Not only am I excited about being able to give these to my friends and family after I’ve made a big batch of cupcakes that I won’t each, but I’m also excited to offer these cute boxes in my shop.


  1. OMG , that is super cool, I'm organizing a CupCake Birthday Party for my girl at the end of this month, and that would be just perfect for that! Girls can decorate the boxes for the cupcakes that they will bake , put the name of their baker on the box etc. Brilliant! If I won't find this cartridge, I will be back to your shop for some awesome party goodies :)You made my day Crafty Lady :)..and btw, you have one beautiful shop !

    1. Thank you for the kind words :-D
      That's a great idea for kids! I'm sure they would love it. I hope you find the cartridge. When I got mine, the worker said I bought the only one they had in stock at that store.

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