Hanging Boxes on the Christmas Tree--DIY

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It’s always a little hard trying to find the cutest way to put a gift card under the Christmas tree but this quick and easy DIY will help remedy that minor issue. Lawn Fawn has the most adorable little goodie bag die (you can find it by clicking here), and aside from using it as a treat box you can also use it a gift card holder and even hang it from your Christmas tree. Problem solved!

If you’re already a papercrafter all you’ll need is this die (if you don’t already have it), some pattern paper, and this twine. You can create your own tag with any dies you’d like however, if you wanted to know which die and stamps I’m using to create this tag you can click, here, here, here and here.

All I did was cut two of the box die cuts using my Cuttlebug and assembled it using some adhesive. Next I created the tag with the stamps and die mentioned above. Next I took some twine and simply wrapped it around the box a few times to keep it sealed nicely and then tied a knot at the end of the remaining twine—just like you would with a tag.

Quick, simple, and super adorable! 


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