One Card A Day, New Series

Friday, May 2, 2014

In my last post I mentioned that I had a new goal of making at least one card a day; and, this week was the first time I actually give it a try. I made a card on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. With fulfilling orders it sometimes gets really hard to make a card each day because my business/buyers are my first priority. When I did have time to make a card it was more like I stayed up an hour later after work to make my card. Some nights I just couldn't stay up past midnight to make a card, though, hehe.
I recently purchased a few new stamp sets and dies—some from Mama Elephant and a few others from Avery Elle. I have a feeling that this new series ‘One card a Day’ is going to empty my wallet very fast, lol, because I’m going to need lots of new stamp sets. I mean I have a lot to begin with, but we card makers/crafters always need an excuse to buy more stamps—am I right?
For these cards, I use a lot of fun techniques like watercoloring, Copic coloring, and paper piecing. I also used Lawn Fawn paper, stamps and dies too. I actually had a lot of fun mixing and matching products from lots of different stamp manufactures. I usually make a card using only one stamp company but mixing them all together made the creating process so much fun!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this new series and I can’t wait to try it again next week. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to make one every day. I think I’m going to try and make a card tonight too, and if I do I’ll share them next Friday for ‘One card a day, #2. 


  1. Love the three cards. This would be very ambitious for me. I tend to work better under pressure, but only for others, never for myself. I'm a procrastinator. And I seriously need to get my hands on the hello die. :P

  2. Well done making three cards in those three days, they are absolutely gorgeous, especially the pandas! I haven't made any cards for two weeks due to being sick but sat up till 3am this morning and made three! I would love to make one every day. Its a good idea actually, maybe like you I could try one card a week for 7 days and see what happens. And I totally agree about the money. I have SO MANY stamp/die sets on my wish list, its hard to know what to get first. Luckily my husband would have no idea what crafting products I have, so I can slip a new die or stamp in easily without him noticing.......

  3. These are so cute!! Good Job!! I love the first one. I would love to be able to make something everyday but like you something alway comes up and other things take priority and then the next thing I know.. its the next day! It's a good thing you at least tried!

  4. EEeeeek! I forgot to swing by after seeing that first card via Instagram. I LOVE these cards, Nicole!!! I'm wondering if you might want to make an "every day assortment" group of cards? Maybe 3-4 cards per set, or something like that. Might be a good idea, because I doubt people will be able to choose just one!


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