Christmas Tree Reveal

Monday, December 24, 2012

I wanted to upload this little video I made super early today but Vimeo took so long to process a one minute video, hehe. Oh well, it’s here now. I’m revealing the final look of my Christmas tree with all the handmade ornaments on it. I added in some other shots as well; namely, because I didn’t want this to be a 2 second video, haha. I hope you like it—I also shot this in black and white because I feel it works well for the vintage Christmas vibe I was going for (for the tree). We’ll from here on out I’ll be making tamales, drinking, creating new memories with my family, and HOPEFULLY taking pictures. No guarantees though—because sometimes when I drink I forget I’m supposed to take pictures. I hope you’re all having a great time! I plan on posting some more photos tomorrow. Take care!


  1. Love your Christmas tree and the video!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Super wonderful video!!!

    Oh yes Vimeo is super slow if you don´t upgrade... it was loading my video for 2 hours... or more.
    The video brings me the Christmas cozy athmospehre!

    xx Barbora!♥♥

    1. I think I might get the upgrade, I can't believe how long it took :/ Thanks for stoppin' by!

  3. This is so super sweet :) I seriously have thought about doing this exact same thing with our tree...but I forgot :P

  4. mmm tamales sounds good :)

    The video was nice. Happy holidays.


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