Organizers from the Dollar Store, Perfect for Paper Crafters

Monday, March 25, 2013

Since spring is here, I thought I’d do a little bit of spring cleaning and organizing. I’m always trying different things to keep my craft table neat and organized; and, as my business gets bigger I start to collect more stamps, paper, and tools. But, while all these things accumulate, my desk seems to keep getting smaller and smaller—not leaving me with enough room to create! So, I thought I’d take a trip to my local dollar store to see if could find anything there to remedy my issue, and I did. I found this simple dish rack, and I thought I work perfectly for keeping the papers I use the most within reach and easily accessible. Before the dish rack I used to have them stacked up and have more tools and things on top of those—it was a mess. So this dollar store dish track—turned paper organizer—worked perfectly.
I also purchased these lock lid food containers to store my embossing powders. I wasn't using my powders as much because it was a hassle to clean up after each use; so, this will be much easier.
I also bought these really long containers to store my cards, templates, unfinished pouches, card bases, and ready to ship tags.
Lastly, I bought these little mini containers to keep my cloud embellishments, die cuts, and ready to ship toppers in. I really like them, and I feel like I have so much space now. Having everything easily accessible makes my work flow much better. 


  1. Love the dish rack idea since I have tons of cardstock around that I don't know what to do with ;)

  2. Excellent ideas for organization! I'm going to be getting started with some spring cleaning here pretty soon. So I'll be hitting up the Dollar Store to save some bucks. =0)

  3. Great ideas! I love hitting the dollar store to see what I can come up with!

  4. Ohh really good!!
    This is amazing! How u used all these simple things from dollar store!!
    Ohh we have no dollar stores here. One container like that will cost me about 5 doallars here.

    That´s crazy! :D

    xxooxx Barbora♥♥


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