Craft Room Update, Wall Art

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

While we’re waiting to get the wood floor installed into the craft room I thought I’d get some of my wall art ready. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to make some of the wall art myself, buy some online by other Etsy artists’, and also use some of my own pictures of my work. First I made this really adorable “Born to Craft” image using some of my Lawn Fawn stamps, and sequins. I really love how it came out, and now I’m thinking about making an even bigger one!
Next I bought this “Live, Laugh, Love” art print from the etsy seller, Tambocreations, you can find the link to this art piece here. Isn’t it so gorgeous? I just love all the confetti.
Lastly, I have this print of a cupcake topper I made using some lawn fawn stamps and dies. I also downloaded a free vintage filter; and, I really like how this came out too.
So far these are the only art pieces I have, but I’m still looking forward to finding more online, making more of my own, and even printing my own pictures. Everything is coming together little by little and I can’t wait for the new wood flooring to be installed. I think it’s going to make the room look really nice. 


  1. I can't wait to see the pieces that you make on your own! I like that live, laugh, love print up there. I like the sunflower toppers, because I'm a huge fan of sunflowers too.

  2. aw, so cute! Once we move, I am going to put up some shelves just for art inspiration. Love!

  3. Those pictures will look great in your craft room! I can't wait to see how everything looks! :)


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