New Things I Purchased While My Computer was Down

Friday, May 31, 2013

My computer is up and running! I’m so happy about that—you have no idea. I really dislike working on laptops, I don’t know why. Well, I guess it’s because I have a really huge monitor to work on and that’s what I’m used to. But it feels so good to be able to work on my own computer with all of my own programs and such. Over the Memorial Day weekend I was in Big Bear with my boyfriend. We were in this awesome cabin, owned by one of his friends, and the weather was so perfect. On Saturday, a few girls and I went shopping in the village and I found this little crafting nook at one of the stores there, and I found this multi-colored hemp twine. I thought it was a great price so I purchased a few, and I thought I’d used them to wrap my packages. So far I love how they look. What do you think? While I was at that store I asked some of the locals if they knew of any mom and pop craft stores I the area but sadly there weren’t any. When we came back from Big bear I thought I would head over to Muskatels in Downtown Los Angeles to pick up a few new shades of satin ribbon and I love the new colors I picked up. Can’t wait to use them, and update the ‘colors’ in my shop options. Speaking of new colors, hehe, I went to Michaels a few days ago to pick up some stuff for a custom order I’m working on and I thought I’d treat myself to two new Copic Markers. I got colors: G12 (Sea Green), and C3 (Cool Gray, No.3). I’ve wanted the Cool Gray color for some time now, and I’m so excited to finally have it! So I can color in all my white fur critters, hehe. Overall, I’m just happy to be back in blog land—it seemed so lonely not being able to blog. Is that weird? Lol. 


  1. Sorry your computer was down, but it sounds like you had a nice little getaway and also picked up a few goodies as well.

  2. Your packages look awesome! I really like the hemp twine (we have some too, but in bolder, darker colors). I like the blue & purple colors in your set. =0)
    I also love the two new copic markers. Great additions to your collection.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Love the twine! It adds a little color to the packages!


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