Heart Shaped Ice Cubes

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in December I went shopping for my little sisters Christmas gift, and while I was waiting in line I noticed all the bins filled with things that stores are hoping we’ll buy last minute, haha, and I saw this super cute heart shaped ice-cube tray—and had to have it. I thought this would be so cute for Valentine’s Day and for my blog as well. I have to tell you though, my original idea was to make the ice cubes red by using frozen strawberries and lemon juice—so it would be a natural and healthy recipe—but my local market didn't have any frozen strawberries! I was so sad, but I didn't want to skip this tutorial; so, I decided to use water and food coloring instead. Food coloring is in many of our foods that we eat, but keep in mind that some people have allergies when it comes to food coloring. So I think the safest way to go would be using a mixture of frozen strawberries and lemon juice—you can simply blend those ingredients and pour them into the tray (that would probably taste better, too). Luckily, I’m not allergic to food coloring so I’m going to give it a go.
So, first you’ll need this super cute ice cube tray; and, you can find this at Forever21 or at Ikea. Next, you’ll need a cup of water (or lemon juice) and place a couple drops of the food coloring into the cup of water and mix. After you've done that, you can pour this mixture into the tray, place it into the freezer, and leave it in there until they’re frozen.

When I pulled them out of the freezer I added them to a glass of lemonade and they looked so cute! I think I’ll definitely experiment with different ways to make red ice cubes--like the lemon and strawberry mixture I mentioned. 


  1. The lemon & strawberry mixture will probably be sooo good and just add to the awesomeness of these hearts! So cute! I'd love to try this.
    PS - The Meet & Greet blog hop will be LIVE tonight at 6 pm, if you'd like to come link up.

  2. Ohhh these are really cute♥
    Oh and my cousin had these ice-cube Mickey Mouse shapes I guess :D Or something disney like so.
    And we had little flowers but then I put it into an oven :D because I think muffins in the floer shape would look amazing but the form melted! It was such a big fail :D

    xx Barbora♥♥

  3. mmmm that strawberry and lemon mixture sounds SO good! and i love how it looks too, it so girly and cute. and i totally saw those trays waiting in line too haha

  4. So so cute!! I love that heart-shaped ice cube tray and that you made your ice cubes a fun color! Makes drinking lemonade feel extra special!

    P.S. -- For the button swap, do you still want to use Passionfruit or do you want me to grab one of your buttons and put it up on my blog?


    1. Hi Sara! Yeah, you can just grab one of my buttons :-D that'll be cool.

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous - I want to try this for my fiance on Valentines day for sure :) I hope I can find heart trays somewhere!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  6. I didn't even know forever21 made stuff like this. how cute! And I'm sure your host cookies will turn out great! :D Hope you share pictures too!

  7. Too cute! I've never seen these at Forever 21. They just make everything don't they?!? They need to open up a home decor store. I would die.

  8. Super cute and simple! This would be great for brunch with friends, thanks for sharing!



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