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Sunday, February 12, 2012

     This weekend I decided to put down my crafting tools to go on a mini shopping spree for my shop. I absolutely love that fact that I only live ten minutes from Downtown Los Angeles because of the amazing craft, fabric, and hardware stores that the city of L.A. has to offer. This weekend I stopped at one of my favorite shops to buy ribbon—Moskatels.  Moskatels is a store that has everything for ones crafty or party planning needs. I like to think that the big-gun party planners of Hollywood stop at this location because of some over the top pieces Moskatels’ carries that only celebrities can afford to buy. However, aside from some of their vases I could never afford; they have a ribbon isle that must have come straight from heaven. The array of colors and modest prices simply have to be heaven sent. I feel like a nerd when I say that I get the chills walking down the ribbon isle, but if you have a passion for all things crafty the way I do you’ll understand my excitement when I walk into this: 
I wish I had better pictures of this store, but like most places of business downtown they frown upon customers taking pictures of their amazing products. But, I managed to sneak a quick photo with my point and shoot camera—hence the poor image quality. This store has everything you can think of: ribbon, baking supplies, all party supplies, a wide variety of item boxes and baggies for crafters and bakers, and so much more.

I’m so glad I went shopping at Moskatels this weekend because while I was browsing the store I found these clear poly bags that I’ve been looking for everywhere. I wanted these poly bags to hold all the cards, tags, and cupcake toppers I sell, and I’m so happy I found them here. The poly bags I got make my items look so much more professional, and they’re perfect for a craft fair I’ll be doing soon. I want to post more photos of the bags I’m speaking of. Maybe I’ll do a quick tutorial on how to use them to wrap cards and other items.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick read, and if you love crafting or party planning as much as I do this place is a must! Let me know what you think if you happen to stop by Moskatels when stocking up on tools. Also, let me know if you know of other places just like this—I’d love to check them out.
F.Y.I. Moskatels has a parking garage and the parking is free for up to two hours if you spend more than $4.00. If you try to park anywhere else it’ll either be a hassle or expensive.

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